Friday, October 8, 2021

Brick-Stamped Apple Tree Activity

 LEGO-stamped apple tree activity for kids

Are you looking for a fun and fall-themed activity or craft to keep your kids busy this weekend? This (LEGO) brick-stamped apple tree craft is brilliantly simple to prepare!

I have two boys who absolutely love Legos... 

Lego floor
(One small tote full of Lego's from my kid's room dumped all over the living room floor.)

So saying I have all the bricks 100 kids need to craft with is by no means an exaggeration. 

And I'm guessing that a LOT of you reading this can totally relate. So that's why I thought it would be fun to share this simple craft using a little paint, a piece of paper, and some LEGOS! It's the perfect craft in ANY language!

LEGO-stamped apple tree activity supplies


  • Green paint in 2 different shades
  • Red paint
  • Brown paint
  • A paper plate or large plastic lid
  • Paper
  • Legos in assorted shapes


1) Squeeze a generous amount of each color of paint on a paper plate.

2) Instruct your child to make the trunk and the branches first using brown paint. A long, skinny Lego will work best. Allow your child to experiment with which side of the LEGO they prefer to use as a stamper. Each side offers different textures.

Brick-stamped apple tree activity for kids

3) Next, encourage the child to stamp into the green paint. Layer the colors of green and use a variety of bricks to create the leaves.

Brick-stamped apple tree activity for kids

4) Offer a small brick to create the apples. We found a brick with only 2 connectors was a nice choice. Allow the project to dry... then display!

Brick-stamped apple tree activity for kids

As the painting is happening, your young child's fine motor skills will be used to pinch and hold the slippery bricks. And kids will love the sensation of creating art with a favorite toy.

Happy crafting!

Brick-stamped apple tree activity for kids


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