Monday, September 20, 2021

PBS Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month


There are so many great resources circulating for Hispanic Heritage Month. And one of the companies that I always check first when I'm looking for material on ANY subject is PBS.

Did you know that PBS LearningMedia and PBS KIDS for Parents have several free, online resources parents can access to celebrate Hispanic heritage all year long?

HHM Resources for Young Children:

First, PBS Parents has this list of recommended picture books that celebrate Latino voices and culture.

Next, explore Spanish culture with this lesson in Flamenco dance, a traditional style of dance and music that originated in Spain.

Of course, Let's Go Luna is one of our favorites because we love traveling the word, even if it is only vicariously! Don't miss these episodes highlighting Mexico City and Peru.

Finally, dive into Puerto Rico with this simple recipe for making Mofongo (shown above!) and then wrap it all up with this tasty Piragua!

HHM Resources for Older Kids:

This video summarizes the origin, purpose, and many ways Americans recognize Hispanic Heritage Month. It's part of PBS KIDS’ All About The Holidays series (available in English and Spanish).

Discover Cuban music with this video in which TimbaSon, a group that performs Afro-Cuban and Latin dance music, performs “El Cuarto de Tula.”

While we're on the topic of music, go ahead and learn all about SALSA with this video that features Enrique Gonzalez performing the song “Así” with his band the Big Maracas.

THEN hop over and learn about music from the Andes with this fabulous video in which Fernando Moya, a musician from Ecuador, and Xenon Llusko, a musician from Bolivia, demonstrate a variety of Andean instruments and perform three pieces from the region.

Be sure to download the support materials that are found with these videos!


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