Thursday, September 9, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month 2021 Resources

Hispanic Heritage Month begins in less than a week! How does your family or classroom celebrate this month-long observance? Personally, I think it's important to recognize the contributions of Hispanic people and culture to the U.S. throughout the year. But I do like taking advantage of all the resources that become available during Hispanic Heritage Month.

Over the years, my family has celebrated in a variety of ways and learned about some amazing people along the way. I've listed many of these in my recent article for PBS SoCal. Check it out if you are looking for some inspiration. I even included a printable Hispanic Heritage Month Bucket List (shown above) for you to download for free. NOTE: The article does have some resources geared specifically for Southern California, but there are items listed that will appeal to families all across the United States.

Also, don't forget that I have some great downloads available for exploring Latinos in U.S. History, as well as materials for learning about traditions and holidays of Hispanic culture. Here are a few that I recommend:


This 79-page unit allows students to choose from a list of 100 Hispanics in world history to research and share. The list is available in two formats:
  • The historical figures are arranged by century starting with the 1400s to the present
  • The historical figures are arranged by field of influence, including musicians, artists, activists, scientists, athletes, writers, journalists, actors, leaders & politicians, and other notable figures.
Pages for note-taking, research, and one-page presentations are included, as are additional pages for comparing/contrasting historical figures, word association, and listing new vocabulary. In addition, date cards and information labels are included for creating a timeline display on a wall.

If you are familiar with Boom Cards, then this may be a good choice for you. If you don't have a Boom Learning account, skip on to the next products.

Introduce your students to Hispanic Heritage Month! From when it is celebrated to how Hispanics have contributed to U.S. history, this informational text is written for students in 4th - 8th grade. It includes 10 self-grading comprehension questions in multiple-choice format.


Teach your kids about Hispanic Heritage Month with this set of three minibooks that are perfect for lapbooks, interactive notebooks, or literacy centers.

This file contains three books:
  • A top flip book featuring Hispanic musicians
  • An accordion-folded book featuring Hispanic writers
  • And a side flip book featuring Hispanic artists
Each book is available in English or Spanish. All of the images in the books may be colored in.

The musician booklet allows older students to research and write in bios, or use the ones provided by cutting and pasting.

The writers and artists booklets come with short bios, or are blank to allow older students to write their own information based on research.

(Available in both English and Spanish)

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by playing "Who Am I?" with this set of character crowns featuring 30 influential Hispanics in History.

Each crown comes with a fact sheet and extension strips for making the crown. Directions for assembly and instructions on different ways to play the game, as well as different ways to use the crowns are included.


Teach your students about different occupations with this bilingual poster set! Perfect for Hispanic Heritage Month, each occupation is represented by a historical Hispanic figure.


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and teach your little ones about different careers with this bilingual minibook. Eighteen careers represented by 19 Hispanics are featured in this coloring book.

This file contains THREE books:
• a bilingual book (English & Spanish)
• an English only (for ESL)
• a Spanish only (for Spanish learners)


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