Monday, May 10, 2021

New Website & Titles from Nacho Books

The following is sponsored post with Nacho Books. All thoughts and opinions are mine. 

Friends! I've been highlighting Nacho Books for a few years now because they are so well done and are hugely popular among the bilingual homeschool community. 

New Website

Well, I'm excited to share that they have just launched a brand new website! It's easier than ever to find their amazing products, including new ones such as the ones below.

Susaeta is a leading publisher of children's learning books throughout Latin America. In fact, I've heard from many homeschooling moms that they learned to read with Nacho books when they were kids in Venezuela, Colombia, and other Spanish-speaking countries. Their products have been really hard to find here in the United States, but thanks to Nacho Books, they are now available!

New Titles

The response has been so positive that Nacho Books has decided to expand the number of titles that they carry. They were kind enough to send me several for review, which I'll do over the next few months. 

The first two titles I want to highlight for those of you who are preparing to homeschool (again or for the first time) next year, are below.

Lecturas Integradas is ideal for emergent readers in 1st through 2nd grades. This book is packed full of stories that boost vocabulary, as well as comprehension questions to reinforce what they've read. The book still reviews the alphabet here and there simply to help students master it. But the focus is on reading and writing. 

Matem├íticas A is best for students in 1st and 2nd grade (in my opinion). It begins with number recognition (1 - 100), quickly moves into double digit addition, and continues all the way through understanding how to interpret different types of graphs. 

These activity books should not be used as complete curricula (they don't teach how to do the various concepts), but rather they make excellent supplements as a fun way to practice in addition to their lessons. I think I would use these as activity books for car rides, on trips, or simply to pass the time at home.

If either of these sound like what you are looking for, go and check their website out! Or if you are looking for books in Spanish that teach concepts in grades PreK through 2nd grade, take a look at all the other titles on their website. 

A Discount for YOU!

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