Thursday, December 3, 2020

Holiday Gifting: HandyPod Mobile Mini Tripod


One more MommyMaestra gift idea for tweens and teens. I know that a lot of kids are doing virtual school this year. And homeschoolers often have their kids do one or more classes online. Many of these kids are zooming on their phones or on mom's phone. So my recommendation is a phone tripod. 

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Phone Tripod

We have zoom installed on our Chromebook, but for some reason, it keeps dropping the connection. So my kids often have to use a phone to do the zoom, and they keep their computers open to do the work. To help, I went out and bought a HandyPod Mobile Mini Tripod (aff).  

It can pretty much hold any type of phone. And the rotating ball head lets you position the phone at different angles including 90 degree tilt for portrait shooting. The short tripod lets you easily set up your phone on any flat surface, and even gives you a nice handhold in case you have to move around. 

Other great uses... 

You can take family photos using your phone's camera timer. Or, if you have a stop-motion lover, like I do, you can easily position the camera once, and then make all the adjustments to your subject (in our case, LEGO) as you need to without having to get back in position to snap photos using your phone.

I really love the freedom that having a phone tripod gives our family. And if you think this is something that will help your family, too, consider it! I bought mine at my local Best Buy, but you can also find it online here...


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