Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hispanic & Bilingual Homeschoolers

For a couple of years, now, I've been dragging my feet. It's been apparent to me for a while that Hispanic and bilingual homeschoolers need one national group where we can ask questions and get support from each other. I'm talking about answers to questions not normally found in other homeschooling groups, such as where to find bilingual materials, how to incorporate culture into our lessons, where to find co-ops with other Hispanic or Latino families, and how to find basic homeschool information.

With this crazy pandemic, the need for this group finally overwhelmed me. So I have finally gotten my act together and asked a few other Latina homeschooling moms to help me get this group off the ground.

I'm happy to announce that today, we are launching the Hispanic & Bilingual Homeschoolers group on Facebook. Are you looking for answers, curricula, or simple support? Come and join us!

Our mission statement:
Hispanic & Bilingual Homeschoolers is a supportive community which brings together homeschooling families from across the United States and the world. We work to provide information and support among homeschoolers in our community and oppose any kind of discrimination. Our mission is to inspire and support homeschooling parents, caregivers, and educators raising the next generation of global citizens. We do this by creating educational and parenting content which celebrates Hispanic and Latinx cultures, languages, and belief systems and by promoting diversity in all its forms while recognizing our common concerns and dreams for our children.
We aren't there to criticize members in the group or others outside of it. We're here to help each other succeed in our journeys to homeschool our children, whatever the reason may be. 

If you are a Hispanic or bilingual homeschooler - newbie or veteran - we would love for you to join us and ask questions or share advice. We even have a few giveaways to celebrate our launch!



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