Tuesday, June 11, 2019

PBS Launches Spanish-Language Versions of PBS KIDS Programs

Stop the press! I just found out that PBS is launching Spanish-language versions of some of its top kids' shows! I get questions from readers all the time when I share news about PBS KIDS shows, asking me if they are available in Spanish. I was always sad to say no. But not anymore!

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PBS Kids Shows in Spanish 

Here are the shows you can find on their PBS KIDS Amazon Prime Video Channel:

  • and CAILLOU. 
There is a total of 30 episodes of PBS KIDS programming available in Spanish. And if you are a subscriber of the PBS KIDS Amazon Prime Channel, you won't pay any extra fee for the newly available programs.

Hopefully, they will be expanding the number of shows...(Psst! WILD KRATTS, please! I mean, Aviva already sprinkles a teensy bit of Spanish in every now and then. )

PBS Kids Toys

If you'd like to nurture your child's love of educational shows and extend the learning through play, check out the PBS Kids Shop. Here are a few of my favorite toys based on our favorite PBS Kids shows. 

Thanks, PBS KIDS!

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