Friday, October 19, 2018

25 Spanish Words & Phrases to Use at Home

I have a fun treat for you today! My dear friend, Melanie, from recently created a document for her son's class when she went in and shared some Spanish as part of their Hispanic Heritage Month unit. She reached out to me the other day and generously offered to share it with MommyMaestra readers for free!

25 Spanish words & phrases to use at home

Sometimes the easiest way to learn Spanish is by simply using the words and phrases we typical say on a daily basis in our homes. This easy list looks at routine phrases such as "good morning," "I'm sorry," "Can I have?" and many others. 

Ways to use this list of Spanish words 

This list is simple and versatile. Use it as a visual reminder wherever you spend the most time in your home. Just hang it somewhere such as...

  • your refrigerator
  • bedroom wall
  • bathroom mirror
  • front door (inside)
  • whiteboard or corkboard
  • kitchen cabinet
  • the wall next to your computer
You can even frame it and place it on a central table or counter. 

Another option would be to cut all the strips out and place them in a jar. Draw one out and make it the word/phrase of the day. Or play a game with the strips and pull out one, then see if you can remember what it means or how to say it in the opposite language. 

Additional Tools for Learning Spanish

If you enjoyed this simple printable, and want to continue to extend the learning, I recommend this Magnetic Poetry Kit in Spanish for use on your fridge/freezer. 

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And if you have a minute, why don't you stop by my friend Melanie's site,, and take a look around? You will love what you find!


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