Monday, September 18, 2017

Dolores Huerta Lesson Plans, Activities, Coloring Sheets and More

A few days ago on Instagram, someone asked me about resources for studying Dolores Huerta. Something similar to this post I put together for Cesar Chavez. And after thinking about, I realized that I was guilty of having highlighted Cesar and his work while ignoring Dolores, who was equally important in the work they did...if not more so! And isn't it a shame that her contribution to U.S. history has largely been overshadowed by Cesar's, the activist with whom she partnered to fight for the rights of farm workers? In fact, that iconic phrase - "Sí, se puede!" - that was adopted by our former president, was coined by Dolores in 1972.

While researching for this post, I discovered that a new movie featuring Dolores has just been released. That was a very pleasant surprise! Visit the website to see if it is playing at a theater near you. 

Lesson Plans


Coloring Pages

Sadly, I couldn't find any coloring pages that I like. So, I made one for preschoolers! Pair it with this one I created for Cesar Chavez to talk about the two of them and their fight for farm workers. 


As always, please review movies before showing them to your students so you can check them for appropriateness. Don't forget that you can show students YouTube videos safely with VideoLink!


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