Thursday, October 20, 2016

Laurie Berkner's Superhero Album for Preschoolers

When my kids were little, we'd often go over to my mom's house to visit. 'Buelita would sweep them up caring for them like a mother hen. I would sleep or slip out for a few moments to myself, only to come back and find them all sitting on the couch watching and singing to Laurie Berkner on TV.

We eventually bought Berkner's album at Target so that we could rock out whenever we wanted. While that seems like only yesterday, the reality is that it was at least eight or nine years ago. And it is almost impossible to think about those days without thinking about the music my children sang and danced to almost daily.

I think the children's network that used to air Berkner's music videos has long since changed, but luckily the artist is still going strong. Last month, The Laurie Berkner Band released a new album - Superhero. And today's toddlers (and their mommies) will be just as enchanted with her music as mine were almost 10 years ago.

From reggae to Latin to '60's pop, Superhero takes your child on a musical ride. They'll hear songs that make them jump up and move their bodies, as well as ballads to help calm them down...and each one has something important to teach your young preschooler.

Berkner says that the goal of this album is self-empowerment. It's about "being ourselves and discovering the superhero in all of us."

My favorite song is My My Marisol, which is just fun and full of imagery. Actually, all of the songs on this album are about subjects to which preschoolers can relate: being the center of attention, bath times, bed times, magical fireworks, body parts, and more. There's even a fun song - Pool Safely - all about being safe in and around water.

She also has joined forces with a number of guests to create these songs. Musical talents such as Ziggy Marley, Kira Willey, and bandmates Brady Rymer, Susie Lampert, and Bobby Golden all combine their talents to bring you this collection of 21 songs, plus two bonus tracks!

To hear samples of the songs on Superhero, see the lyrics, or to purchase/download your copy, visit this page on

And don't forget that many of her songs have music videos that you can find on YouTube, like this one...

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this album for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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