Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Free Download: Grammar Force

On December 19th, my husband and I loaded up the kids into the car and headed to town for dinner and The Movie. The tickets had been bought weeks in advance (when they became available), but the planning of attending said movie had been going on for two years.

Four days later, my kids went and saw it again, this time with a new set of friends. They noticed new details and came home equally obsessed as when they saw the very first one.

Then one day over the holidays, my daughter and I were sitting around and we decided to welcome the movie into our schooling. Do you remember this giveaway? Well, my son was terribly sad that he was too old for these workbooks. So my daughter and I decided to create a few pages that he could enjoy during our class time.

We had fun creating these. And I was thinking, "Hey! Maybe some MommyMaestra readers will enjoy them, too."  So here you are, dear readers.

Inspired by my kids' love of the series, this little freebie simply contains five worksheets, each one with a different theme:

• Common nouns
• Proper nouns
• Contractions
• Adjectives
• Prepositions/Prepositional phrases

Enjoy this little freebie!


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