Monday, March 31, 2014

Little Passports Celebrates 5 Years

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I love birthdays. Especially when I see that they mark the success of clever entrepreneurs who are dedicated to educational products like
 Little Passports which is now 5 years old and growing fast.

We've been getting Little Passports for a year now in the mail and my son is thrilled with every packet that comes our way every month. 
(Which is the first cool part of the process for your little ones...what kid doesn't love getting mail!?) We're currently getting the World Edition and it is such a great way for exploring countries and cultures around the globe. Each month, Sam and Sofia - the Little Passports guides, take your child on a journey to a different country around the world and teaches them about the culture, geography and history of each location. Each packet typically includes some sort of craft, artifact, and stickers for your child's Little Passport. There are even online activities for your child to explore further. The exercises are fun and colorful, keeping your kids engaged while learning! 

They also have a USA Edition that explores the United States and is a great way to learn more about our country. Each month your child gets a packet for two states in the mail. The books are really well done with lots of detail and fun experiments. You'll find activities that cover math, history, science and more.

To celebrate their birthday, Little Passports is offering you 15% off a subscription. Click on the link or banner below to sign up for your subscription today and get 15% off by using the code: HAPPY5 from today through Tuesday, April 8th.


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