Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spanish Language Activity: Gracias Turkey

This past weekend, my boys and I did a very spontaneous and sweet Thanksgiving art project. Diego, who is going on seven, was telling us that his class is starting to talk about all things Thanksgiving. I thought about how it would be nice to do something for the upcoming holiday that could be appropriate for all ages while focusing on Spanish.  Diego could practice Spanish writing and spelling by including the things he is grateful for on a silly turkey. His little brother, Santi, is turning three next week and I thought we could review colors, shapes and basic Thanksgiving words in Spanish while he put his turkey together.

All we needed was construction paper, scissors, glue, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, a pencil and a marker. Diego and I cut out circles in two sizes, triangles and "feathers". Both boys had a good time assembling their own turkeys with very little help.

While Diego first made a list of the things he is thankful for in English, I reviewed basic colors and shapes in Spanish and had a very simple discussion on gratitude with my little guy. His Spanish is picking up nicely! Diego and I cheered Santi on in Spanish, "A la bio! A la bao..."

It's really helpful when older brother Diego understands the importance of Spanish "lessons." Although, we speak it at home, we are not always consistent. It is always easier to explain things in English to them so I find these projects special because they give it an extra effort since we are all especially conscious of our Spanish time.


All on his own, Diego wrote that he is grateful for his family, delicious food, cool books, nice art, and school. Be still my heart! 


I was amazed to find that he knew to use the adjective after the noun when he translated his list to Spanish. I didn't teach him that! It means he has been listening and understands how Spanish works!


I didn't correct Diego's spelling either. I wanted to see how many mistakes he made and if there was a pattern. I was thinking about a future lesson.  Interestingly, I found two. He spelled "deliciosa" with and "s" instead of a "c". He also used a "q" for "escuela," but knew it was wrong and he insisted I help him! 

Santi did a great job with his turkey. He practiced waiting his turn, he listened to the Spanish conversation and used his fine motor skills by putting a turkey together! So cute! 

Diego had a second chance to write his Spanish words on the feathers. He was so happy I let him use a Sharpie marker so he didn't mind writing the words again! Jaja! MY smart move! Practice makes perfect, doesn't it? 


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