Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Free Spanish Reading Game: Tema 2: Centro foneticos

Interactive games for Spanish readers

Today's awesome freebie from Lectura para niños, is an interactive game that makes learning to read in Spanish FUN for your kids. Leah explains...

Mimio file - Tema 2: Centro foneticos - haciendo palabras nivel basico is one of 9 themes of the phonics center.

These are phonics centers using the MIMIO software which you can get at www.mimio.com under support and downloads for Mac, Windows, or Linux users.

Each phonics center introduces 2-3 new letters from each theme. Theme one in the curriculum teaches the vowels. The phonics center theme 2 introduces the letters M, P, and S. This phonics center allows the students to learn new vocabulary that creates 2 syllable words with basic open syllables. On each page there is a vocabulary picture card at the top that has sound attached to it. The children can click on each picture to review the picture vocabulary. There are 4 letters at the bottom of the page in random order. Tell the child to repeat and segment the word to syllables. Pull the letters up one at a time to form the syllables in each word. Once the syllables are formed, have the child pull each letter down one at a time while saying the sound. This helps the child segmenting words into sounds. Repeat this process pulling each sound down one this time to form the word. Once the word is formed, the children can click on the pencil on the "tools bar" to practice writing the word. Once they have written the word, they can print the page for the teacher to save in their portfolio for conferences. These are great performance tasks to see if the students have understood the concepts of segmenting and blending words into syllables and sounds. There are between 11-14 pages in each of these downloadable phonics centers. 

Take a look at these sample pages...

Spanish reading games

These phonics are the same as: Spanish: Centro Foneticos 003: haciendo palabras: Nivel Basico DIGITAL but in digital format. Both Centers use the same picture vocabulary, but these are in an electronic form so students can have independent practice.

All of these MIMIO phonics centers are available on Lectura para niños' TPT site.

Thank you, Lectura para niños!


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