Thursday, August 1, 2013

Free Spanish Jungle Animal & Action Printables

Jungle Animals in Spanish Booklet

It's already August! And that means it is time for some new free printables from Monarca Language. Today's set includes pages on jungle animals that your nene can color, cut, and put together to form a booklet, as well as action cards for coloring, cutting, and acting out.

The jungle animal booklet was extra fun for my kids because it gave them the opportunity to get out their daddy's wildlife collection (they don't get to play with it very often). This really reinforced the vocabulary and made learning more interactive. The book focuses on animals and colors.

And if you subscribe to Monarca Language's newsletter, you'll find a free printable in this month's newsletter that allows your child to cut and paste jungle animals onto a jungle scene. It's a great complement to this booklet. And super fun!

The action cards can be printed up on one sheet, colored in and then cut up. Then your kids can take turns pulling a card from the pile and acting it out for everyone else to guess. Charades anyone?

Now, time for some additional resources to complement the jungle animal printables:

Alex en la selva. I love this little series for preschoolers! And you will, too. Actually, there are many episodes exploring wildlife, but only three that are dedicated to the jungle are free on YouTube. You can subscribe to their channel and see more episodes here. Check out this episode where Alex encounters a lion...

Books in Spanish:
• Jungle Animals /Animales de la selva (Two Little Libros) (English and Spanish Edition) by Mike Lowery
• Animales de la selva: Pequediccionario en imagenes (Spanish Edition)by Inc. Susaeta Publishing

Cha-cha-cha en la selva by Debbie Harter
• (and in English) The Animal Boogie

On Kindle:
• Cuentos de la selva by Horacio Quiroga
• Jungle Tales by Horacio Quiroga, Bert Van Wijk, Jeff Zorrilla and Natalia Cortesi


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