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Always Reading: Word Problem Resources

As school lessons are coming to an end, I love that I am seeing so much encouragement for parents to support their children's acquired skills from the school year well into the summer months.  Reading is fundamental for success in overall academic careers. Children who read outside the classroom (especially during summer months) can maintain or gain knowledge. Adding additional reading to other subjects such as math, is a bonus!

Our family has recently fallen in love with resources that encourage word problems.  As a Language Arts and Reading teacher, you know what my passion is! My husband on the other hand, is a math guy and he is teaching our sons to love math right from the start. We have found a happy medium for our evening routines while working with our oldest who is finishing up kindergarten.

Math word problems are more complex than common math problems. Reading and comprehension are required in word problems in addition to basic math skills.  Also, in order to solve math word problems, kids must be able to understand the relationship between math equations and simple everyday situations. Diego loves to hear an interesting story right before a problem. It keeps him engaged and it also helps him understand that we use math every single day. Practicing math word problems helps children analyze, use logic, concentrate, listen or read attentively, and dissect a complex piece of information by reading something carefully.

Here are some of my recent finds to help us with our summer reading and math practice.  All resources are available for all different grade or skill levels. I hope you and your family will be able to use some of these this summer. Enjoy!

Websites: Bedtime Math, Math Playground, Super Teacher Worksheets, and Kid Zone.

Apps: Bedtime Math, Banana Math, Ace Math, and App Tutor.

Workbooks: Math Basics: Story Problems, Brain Quest

Do you have other resources for word problems that you love? Please add in the comments below!

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