Friday, August 3, 2012

Science 360 Explores the Science of the Summer Olympics

I love materials, videos, and other resources that encourage an interest in STEM fields. So I really love this free, 10 part educational video series on the engineering behind the Summer Olympic games from Science 360.

You and your children can sit and watch short video clips that answer questions such as: 

How does swimmer Missy Franklin use the principles of fluid dynamics to move more quickly through water?

What are the unique biomechanics that have helped make sprinter Usain Bolt the world’s fastest human?

What does weightlifter Sarah Robles have in common with a high-tech robot?

How do engineers build faster pools, stronger safety helmets, and specialized wheelchairs for disabled athletes?

In addition, the National Science Teachers' Association has put together lesson plans to accompany the video clips that you can download from their blog.

Enjoy this fascinating resource!


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