Saturday, August 18, 2012

Get the Facts Tomorrow Night on We Decide

Are you one of the 2.71 million American Latinos who are eligible to vote in this year's election? Do you plan to vote? Why, or why not?

Is it because you're unhappy with both candidates? Is it because you don't know really, where each one stands on Latino issues?

If this is the case, I encourage you to watch nuvoTV tomorrow night, Aug. 19 at 8PM.  Award-winning journalist Natalie Morales will be moderating We Decide a Latino town hall special that will feature a panel of high-profile experts who will engage with a live audience and other virtual participants connecting through social media platforms. The hour-long program will explore how the presidential candidates are addressing issues specific to America's Latinos, including unemployment, healthcare and education.

Given the fact that our Latino children - 6.1 million, to be exact - are living in poverty, and that they have the highest high school dropout rate of any other ethnic group, it is crucial that we understand what ideas our government officials have and what programs the future president of our country supports.

We DO NOT want the rest of our country adopting the hateful laws that Arizona has passed, denying out children the opportunity to learn about the contributions that their ancestors made to our country's history. Or refusing our DREAMers the rights that other immigrants with work permits enjoy.

All the incredible work that states like Illinois are making in terms of bilingual education, could easily be outlawed, ensuring that Latino youth fail our education system.

Take the time to "Like" the We Decide: Latino Facebook page.

And if you feel strongly and want to raise your voice publicly, visit this page for instructions on how you can upload your own video. You can also read about which Latino celebrities are speaking out about important issues impacing our community, and get inspired by other Latinos like you who have shared their thoughts in short videos.

Time to step up and say, "¡Basta, ya! I want change, and I want it now."

It's time for us to fight for our children, our families, and our right to the pursuit of happiness.

So arm yourself with knowledge, because according to Cleisthenes, the father or democracy, and the great philosopher, Plato, a TRUE democracy depends on the EDUCATION of ALL its citizens.

Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and nuvoTV. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


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