Friday, December 23, 2011

Bilingual Christmas Decorations {Printable}

2011 has been an incredible year. I still can't get over how fast MommyMaestra has grown, and am so grateful for our growing community of Latina moms who are concerned and dedicated to their children's education.

I am going to end this year by spending some serious bonding time with my familia, so I will be mostly offline this coming week. I do have a few posts scheduled, but I'll be happily disconnected. Los abuelos will be arriving on Christmas day, and we have some serious fun planned for this coming week. I'll be devoting all of my attention to that.

I would encourage ALL of you to take this final week of 2011 and spend it completely, whole-heartedly, and joyfully focused on enjoying your families. Get away from the computer, get out, and make it a point to laugh 25 times a day.

But before I go, I wanted to give you all one last gift this year. It is a simple packet of bilingual decorations that includes:

• 1 reversible, bilingual banner (Merry Christmas on one side, Feliz Navidad on the other)
• A set of 4 napkin rings/water bottle labels
• A set of 4 place cards
• And 4 nutcracker cut-outs.

It is not fancy, just fun for the kids. Something to do to help decorate and prepare for Sunday's festivities. To download the pack, click on the image above.

Until next year, un abrazo a todos!

Felices fiestas....


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