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4 Children's Books to Celebrate Las Posadas

4 Children's Books to Celebrate Las Posadas

On December 16th, families across the country (and the world) will begin celebrating the Christmastime tradition of Las Posadas. We've share a series of posts on this topic, including yesterday's hot chocolate recipe by 12-year-old Angelica (feel free to leave a comment for her with some words of encouragement!). Today I wanted to share with you my list of favorite posada books. If you can't find them at your local library, they are available in new and gently used copies on Amazon or Bookshop.

4 Picture Books that Feature Las Posadas

by Tomie dePaola

The Night of Las Posadas begins in a small town outside of modern-day Santa Fe. Sister Angie, who coordinates the town’s celebration, is excited over the fact that this year her niece and nephew will play the role of Mary and Joseph in the posada. But tragedy strikes when Sister Angie comes down with the flu and Lupe and Roberto’s car breaks down in a snowstorm. It then takes a miracle to save the town’s procession.

by Virginia L. Kroll

A simple counting book that centers around the posada tradition and takes the reader from the preparations to the end of the posada celebration.

Carlos, Light the Farolito
by Jean Ciavonne and Donna Clair

This unique holiday story introduces a Christmas custom practiced in parts of Mexico and near the Mexican border of the United States: Las Posadas, a traditional reenactment of the Nativity. On Christmas Eve, Carlos is dismayed to see the procession of neighbors and friends coming up the front walk. His parents and grandfather aren't home yet-so it's up to Carlos to take over Grandfather's role as the Innkeeper. But he's so frightened, he can hardly breathe, let alone sing! Carlos's triumph over his shyness, and the joyful celebration that follows, make this a satisfying story for any season.

by Albert Zabel, Deborah Somuano

Las Posadas introduces a creative & diverse way to celebrate the Christmas story in song and drama. It celebrates the Mexican Christmas tradition of Las Posadas.

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