Monday, September 12, 2011

Using Common Sense to Establish a New Diet

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A few weeks ago, we had Nutrition Week here on MommyMaestra. Because this issue has such a strong connection to our children's academic success, I plan to continue addressing this topic from time to time. Life Coach, Ira Franco, has been kind enough to submit the following article to help parents who are looking for tips on establishing a new diet for their children and family.
Common Sense, Take Advantage of It!
Common sense is the least common of the senses. Contradictory, I know, but have you ever stopped to think how true that phrase is? All human beings have common sense and some people have developed it more than others. We apply it in different areas of our lives including our work, family, education—the options are endless. If we can acknowledge its presence and importance we should begin to make use of it. Common sense is a very important tool in our lives. It allows us to distinguish between different things; it helps us select options that match our lifestyles; it allows us to reflect on, differentiate, and choose the good from the bad, the positive from the negative; but more than anything else, common sense leaves decisions up to us individually.

In today's world we cannot deny that communication and access to information is within everyone’s reach twenty-four hours a day. We no longer have to go to the city library to read an article or to get details for projects from books. With computers we now have direct access to any topic that interests us. Therefore, nutrition is a topic that is also accessible to us all. All of us at some point have read articles about diets, calories, the benefits of exercise, and more. But we have to ask ourselves, have we made use of our common sense?

Have you ever wonder why all diets work? My opinion is that diets work because during that period of time when someone is establishing a new diet, the mind becomes conscious of what is being eaten. Throughout the process, we choose foods correctly and we concentrate on moving forward. But what we must try is to find the way to internalize and make those changes habits that will become permanent parts of our daily lives. This is where common sense comes into the picture. First of all, we should measure the serving size of what we eat. We must not deprive ourselves – or our children - of anything. On the contrary, we can eat everything, but we must be aware of the quantity and quality of the food we are ingesting. Second of all, in relation to exercise we must move our bodies whenever we can. Go for a walk, use the stairs, or park your car far away from the store so you have to walk through the parking lot. Third of all, we have to recognize the benefits of exercise, both mentally and physically speaking; we burn calories and at the same time remove toxins. Finally, it is important to be surrounded by family and friends that can help during the process. We must communicate our needs and have our wishes respected. We must acknowledge that the process is long. Therefore, we must accept that establishing a new diet is a long process for the purpose of changing an unhealthy lifestyle.

Do I use my common sense?

Do I recognize the benefits of making good decisions for myself? My family?

Can we achieve these benefits? If not, what is stopping us?

We should take some time in responding to these questions, and I am sure that each of us can find an adequate and effective way of using our common sense more and more each day. Common sense can guide us in making the correct and effective decisions for a full and healthy life.

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