Thursday, June 9, 2011

Photography Tips, Lessons, and Activities for Children

Since I mentioned including your children in the yearbook process by having them take photos on their own, and also because I think summertime is as good a time as any to get them excited about taking pictures, I wanted to leave you with a few resources in English and Spanish on photography for children.


• Possibly my favorite site is Big Learning - Photography for Kids. Not only can you find projects and articles for the aspiring young photographer, but also the history of photography and how cameras work.

13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography - Love it!

• Kodak has a page of lesson plans on photography.

• Artists Helping Children has a huge list of photography crafts for kids.


The Kids' Guide to Digital Photography: How to Shoot, Save, Play with & Print Your Digital Photos by Jenni Bidner

Photography for Kids!: A Fun Guide to Digital Photography by Michael Ebert and Sandra Abend

4-H Guide to Digital Photography by Daniel Johnson


• XatakaFoto has a couple of good articles in Spanish: Fotografía para niños - Parte 1 and Fotografía para niños - Parte 2.

• HP also has a really great web page in Spanish on how to introduce your child to digital photography - Cómo iniciar a tus hijos en la fotografía digital.


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