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Your Stories: Mi Escuelita Montessori

I wanted to end this week with a success story. So I was asking around and looking through my favorite blogs to find someone who has been teaching their child(ren) to read in Spanish. Lucky for me, Karen Rivera from Mi Escuelita Montessori agreed to write up a post on how she has been teaching her daughter to read. I mentioned Karen earlier this week when I suggested you visit her site to watch the video she posted of her daughter. It is inspirational.
Karen is passionate about homeschooling using the Montessori method, so if you have any questions about it, read through her blog you will see what it is all about. I know that there are mamis all over this country who are following Karen's homeschooling journey and I, for one, am very grateful that she is willing to take the time to document and share her experience.

Here is her article, written in English and Spanish...

Cómo aprendió a leer–How she learned to read

Que emoción que Monica, de, dedica esta semana a los pequeñines que leen. Y me solicitó que explicara un poquito de como yo enseñé a mi princesa con el Metodo Montessori. Ok, yo no soy la mas experta, simplemente me he dedicado a leer todos los libros de Montessori que encuentro, ver blogs y videos de expertos en el MM. Asi que si alguna de mis amiguitas mamas en Moti tienen que aportar en esto... Porfavor en confianza en el area de comentarios.!! Siiiiempre son bienvenidos.

Monica from MommyMaestra, has dedicated a whole week of info about the little ones that can read, and she asked me how I teach with the Montessori Method. So it goes something like this... I really want to start by telling you, that I’m NOT an expert, I just read ALL the Montessori books that I can find!!LOL. But the truth is there’s nothing more “spectacular" than this!

Nosotros comenzamos presentandole los simbolos (letras) con las letras de lija, es exageradamente importante involucrarlos en el trazo de la letra!!, luego que practicamos lo presentamos (el trazo) en la bandeja con arena. Cuando presentamos el simbolo lo que hacemos es el sonido..., ejemplo si presento la letra D, no le digo esta es la De, si no que trazo con los dedos indice y corazon juntos el simbolo mientras imito el sonido.... du, du, du,....etc. Asi yo puedo estar una semana con tres letras, para que las aprenda bien.

We started by presenting the sand letters to my daughter. It’s very important that you have absolutly no distractions at the moment. You have to invite the child to touch and feel the letter (like tracing it), and at the same time saying the SOUND not the letter. it’s like TOUCH-FEEL-SOUND at the same time. For example, if I’m working with letter D, I trace the letter and say "duh, duh." I DON’T SAY "this is the letter D" - just "duh, duh." At the beginning, I worked with 3 or 5 letters per week or until she learned them.

Yo personalmente, comence con las vocales y luego con todas las que se quedaban en la misma linea... ejemplo, todas las cortas.... m, n, o, s, r, etc. las del abecedario en espanol, como ch, n, ll las deje para ultimo. Igual que las complicadas, h, y, c (que no tienen o tienen varios sonidos).

I, personally, started with vowels and after that, all the ones that stay on the line (the short one)… I know there it’s an order to presented, but I used the visual “thing”!!lol.

Le segui, presentadole la letra con objetos que comiencen con la misma, para que vaya relacionando. El proposito directo de todo esto es hacer al nino conciente de los sonidos de las letras y palabras y que las relacione al simbolo apropiado por medio de una memoria visual y muscular. El proposito indirecto, aparte de aprenderlas, es la preparacion indirecta para la lectura.

Later I presented her little objects that start with the same letters, so that she would begin to relate them together. Through the use of the sandpaper letters, the child learns to recognize the letters by sight and touch, as well as by hearing each letter spoken.

Luego ya ve los simbolos hace el sonido y parea con objetos que comienzen con las letras.

The child learns through hands-on activities. He must handle the letters and become familiar with them before either reading or writing is possible.

Mas adelante trabajamos con el alfabeto mobile, donde ya hace los sonidos y va creando palabras, obviamente comenzando desde lo mas elemental.

Through the movable alphabet the child aquires a familiarity with the alphabet and sees how letters are put together to form words.

Hay muchos juegos para hacer con las letras, como estos de aqui, y demas esta decirte, que tengo letras donde quiera!!!!! en la nevera, en la lavadora, hay pequenos "bowlcitos" por ahi con letras! Todo para que las aprenda!! Espero haber aclarado tu duda y haberte explicado bien, realmente es interesantisimo por que cuando vienes a ver, y crees que conoce las letras, YA ESTAN LEYENDO!!!

There are many games that can be played with the letters, as you see here, and as you can imagine, I have letters everywhere!!! On the fridge, on the washing machine, and in tiny bowls scattered about with letters! Soon reading and writing becomes a fascinating game, and the child is eager to learn and master this skills. Then you just have to keep or provide some interesting materials, so your child repeats the work with the materials.

Leyendo :: Reading

Escribiendo :: Writing

Cuando comenzamos a leer, use la serie de Cuentos foneticos de Scholastics son 1-36 folletos para aprendizaje de lectura. Hoy dia, nuestros favoritos y los de mi hija son los Eric Carle, La mariquita malhumorada, Una oruga muy hambrienta, y Oso polar, oso polar, ¿qué es ese ruido? Los lee TODOS LOS DIAS!!

When we began the reading portion, I used the series, Cuentos foneticos de Scholastic, which is made up of 36 phonics readers in Spanish for learning to read. Nowadays, our favorites are the books by Eric Carle: La mariquita malhumorada, Una oruga muy hambrienta, and Oso polar, oso polar, ¿qué es ese ruido?  She reads them EVERY DAY!

This post is reprinted with full consent by Mi Escuelita Montessori.


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