Thursday, December 16, 2010

Handmade Gifts from La Cocina!

Photo by D'Arcy Norman
When you make a gift, it shows how much you care about a person. You invest time, energy, and maybe un poco de dinero.
Here are some regalitos deliciosos that you can make together with your nenes. Straight from la cocina Latina!

• Why not give the dry ingredients to make Mexican Hot Chocolate using this recipe by Clementina over at A Little Cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate? I think it would be great to put chocolate shavings into a decorative tin or jar and add a little pouch with the other dry ingredients. Attach a pretty recipe card and away you go!

• Maybe you can make some buñuelos with your children and then deliver them fresh to friends and family? Wrap them in a pretty cloth napkin and a gift basket y ya! Although an adult will have to fry the buñuelos, children can help knead the dough and form the balls. Check out this delicious recipe for Buñuelos Colombianos from Erica over at My Colombian Recipes. It is mouth-watering!

• Erica also has a great recipe for alfajores with dulce de leche. Warning: If you decide to make these yummy cookies as a gift, they might mysteriously disappear before you can even make it out of your casa!! But I think these would look lovely in a decorative tin or even a holiday-themed Chinese take-out box.

• Natilla is originally a Spanish custard that quickly spread throughout Latin America and evolved into a variety of versions depending on the country. Personally, I love this recipe, found at I think these could be made in advance and delivered fresh!

• Don't miss Elizabeth Belkind's Mexican "Hot" Chocolate Sandwich Cookie recipe on LAWeekly's blog, where they are in the middle of a 12 Days of Cookies series.

• For the most creative families, consider a little marzipan fun! Here is a simple recipe. Have your children create holiday-themed marzipan pieces and place in decorative tins, boxes lined with colored foil, or recycled candy boxes.

• And my homeschooling friend, Marta, over at the Tiki Tiki, has graciously shared recipe links and free downloads for some super yummy dulce de leche (and crema de vie!) and packaging ideas.

Con mucho cariño...


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