Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Break Specials: Butternut Squash...Tamales?

I'm a picky squash eater. Typically, I prefer it cut into thin slices, breaded, and lightly fried in EVOO. Squash is indigenous to America, having been around several thousand years and originally grown in Guatemala and Mexico. Today, butternut squash, in particular, is a popular ingredient thanks to its thick, buttery orange skin and sweet taste.

As you can probably tell, I love the idea of using traditional Thanksgiving ingredients in non-traditional dishes. So second on our list for this week is this incredible dish by Carolyn Swaney at the Hispanic Kitchen...

by Carolyn Swaney

The air is getting cooler. Halloween has come and gone. Fall is shaping up, which only means one thing: Thanksgiving is coming!

However, being that I come from such a large family, I don't always have the privilege of hosting the holiday at my house, and this is one of those years. Not to be outdone, my side dish contributions are usually elaborate and standout. Confession: I'm a culinary show-off. You probably are, too. That's why I like you.

Either way, these tamales will definitely outshine even the most delicious bird that shows up on your table, so make with caution: You may not even need the turkey! I love them, also, because they provide a truly delicious and sophisticated option for non-meat eaters, instead of the usual scoop of mashed potatoes and a pile of green beans. These tamales are a big, wrapped up gift of YUM...

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