Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teacher's Discovery

I was really happy a few weeks ago to stumble across Teacher's Discovery. This online store is chalk full of items to add fun to your classes. From awards and incentives to dictionaries and posters, Teacher's Discovery has most of its items available in bulk or individually.

The site covers a wide variety of subjects, but has a very comprehensive Spanish section that is divided up into three categories: Spanish High School, Spanish Middle School, and Elementary Spanish. Teachers or parents can find an assortment of stickers, buttons and other small items for rewarding their students. I just finished ordering some color-in bookmarks and stickers.

They also carry some excellent books, texts and thematic units. Those of you with younger children might take a look through their Elementary Spanish Book section, which includes many lessons like a thematic unit on the popular children's book, "La oruga muy hambrienta" or The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Some of you who have taken the MommyMaestra Survey have requested ways to encourage or develop Spanish conversation with your kids/students. Check out TD's Conversa Conmigo Workbooks (available for various grade levels).  The set is a unique mix of written, verbal and artistic exercises that feature personal questions to start class dialogue.

You might also check out their great collection of videos, They have a couple different series on Spanish-speaking countries around the world. It also has some, like the PBS home movie, Food for the Ancestors, which talk about cultural traditions.

This is a really huge online store, so take the time to browse through all the great products that they carry. In addition to Spanish, they also have some great items for literature, biology, art, social studies, and many others.

Con mucho cariño...


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