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Nacho Aprende, Lee y Colorea

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This review is one of a series of educational books in Spanish available from the new Nacho Books website that shops these popular books across the United States. Find additional reviews in this series here

A Spanish Workbook for PreK - 1st

Nacho Aprende, Lee y Colorea
is a fun 192-page practice book for young children from Nacho Books. At first glance it is a coloring book with an image to color on each page that is identified in Spanish and English. A wonderful way to introduce vocabulary in both languages or for English dominant speakers to learn the Spanish vocabulary. It would also work for Spanish dominant speakers who are younger and working on vocabulary development, hand strength and writing skills. 

The images themselves are cartoons of the items or roles connected to the words themselves. However, those looking for culturally sensitive materials should know that it does have a Eurocentric aesthetic. For example, the image for "Indio" has a boy, that does not have indigenous features, with a headband and three feathers... 

A great feature in this book is that the vowel tracing on the first few pages quickly progresses to full sentences to copy by the end of the book. Each phrase or sentence is written in both print and cursive, which is a nice touch. My son and I compared the two and identified similarities and differences in print and cursive so he could see that cursive doesn’t have to be intimidating.

There is an emphasis on syllable recognition. Syllables are highlighted in the main Spanish vocabulary word on each page, in the phrases, and children are given opportunities to fill in the correct syllable for lists of incomplete words several times throughout the book. The visual cues and repetition take it beyond a simple vocabulary coloring book. There are also word searches throughout to reinforce the vocabulary through play. My son was very excited about the word searches...

This book is a great practice workbook for young learners to build vocabulary, writing skills, motor skills and creative expression.

Click over the Nacho Books to order this and other titles to support your child’s emerging reading and writing in Spanish. 


Monika Aldarondo is a former arts educator, and current photographer and creative shape-shifter with Puerto Rican roots. She posts about her bilingual home/un-schooling journey on Instagram @librolovinmama. Her photography and creative projects can be found at


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