Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Valentine's Day Resources

Valentine's Day is less than a week away! Are you getting ready to celebrate it? 

If you subscribe to the MommyMaestra newsletter, be sure to check your inbox. This month's newsletter went out over the weekend and includes a couple of Valentine's freebies: themed counting mats for little learners and bookmarks for older readers. 

If you're looking for additional materials, check out my printable activity packs below. And here are some other awesome ways to celebrate the holiday!

Recipes for kids

Games for Spanish Learners

MommyMaestra sponsor Spanish for You! has shared a lot of games to boost vocabulary related to Valentine's day. Check out the following freebies:


PreK Activity Pack (PreK - 1st)

There are 15 pages total with activities that focus on the following concepts and skills: counting, spot the difference, puzzles, vocabulary, math, sequencing, tracing, maze, featured letter, beginning letter, sounds, and writing papers.

Book of Words (PreK - 2nd)

Introduce your young students to the vocabulary associated with Valentine's Day. This little booklet lets them color in the picture, then read and write the words.

Storybook (PreK - 2nd)

Boost your child's vocabulary and reading skills with this Valentine's Day storybook. This story lists things that children often enjoy on this holiday, so the student will enjoy coloring while learning the words for "balloons/globos," "candy/dulces," "hugs/abrazos" and more.

Teach your students about famous couples in world history with this growing set of reading passages and comprehension questions. This file currently features five couples who impacted world history.


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