Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Holiday Gifting: Owl Aboard Family Puzzle

You know what I absolutely love? Games or activities that make it easy for families to do together regardless of age. I know it's easy to play games with your 8-year-olds, maybe even those who are 7 or 6, but it's a little more challenging when they are 3. 

So when I saw this amazing family puzzle that comes with 20 big pieces for little kids and 40 pieces for big kids (and adults!), I knew I was going to recommend it. It's challenging enough for two people of vastly different ages and experiences to enjoy. 

Putting together a puzzle has so many benefits! In case you didn't know, it can...

  • improve short-term memory,
  • lower stress,
  • develop concentration,
  • teach patience and self control,
  • develop fine-motor skills,
  • reinforces connections between brain cells, and
  • so much more!

My mother loved to put together puzzles. When she was alive, she would buy my children puzzles for Christmas most years. We still have some of them. 

My grandmother also enjoys putting together puzzles in her assisted living home. She's been fighting dementia for a several years now, but likes doing puzzles, crosswords, and word searches. They say it is great for her mental health. 

And all my kids love working puzzles. We haven't done many in the last two years since my youngest child, who's now three, became mobile and into everything. We were afraid of losing pieces. He's just recently discovered puzzles, though. The age-appropriate kind, of course. And he loves them, too. 

Which is why I think this puzzle is just brilliant! Big pieces for him to manipulate, and small ones for the rest of us. I'm so looking forward to the moment when my kids open this and realize it's for all of them. 

If this is something that you'd love for your family, you can find it here on Amazon:


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