Monday, February 3, 2020

Resources for Teaching Compassion

In an increasingly angry society where judgment and bullying is becoming more commonplace, lessons in compassion are desperately needed.

I saw this article in the Washington Post and it got me to thinking about how countries around the globe are implementing new classes for students to combat societal problems. For example, classes that teach children and adults how to recognize fake news and how to research for articles that state the truth. Or lessons for combatting bullying.

A few years ago, PBS KIDS launched a new show that focused on teaching preschoolers social-emotional skills. Daniel Tiger gives children tools to recognize and manage their emotions and their interactions with other people. The episodes help children find ways to deal with anger, disappointment, impatience, and more.

So, why aren't we teaching lessons about compassion?

I started researching resources and I've listed what I've found so far below. But I hope to keep adding to it as I find more. Message me if you know of a wonderful product or activity to help parents and educators teach about compassion for others.

Lesson Plans





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