Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Make & Play Nativity

I love collecting nacimientos (nativities). I have quite a few in my collection. So when I saw this, I was excited because it is a great way for me to pass on my love of them to my kids.

Make & Play Nativity (aff link) by Joey Chou is an interactive book with press-out pieces that assemble to make 20 figures for a 3D nativity. They are pretty simple - most only have three pieces to put together (the manger is the only one with more and it comes with directions for putting together the five sections). And they press out very easily without ripping. So this book is perfect for little hands.

I sat down with my 2-year-old and helped him assemble these pieces.

And the book also comes with additional activities. There is, of course, the nativity story, to read with your child after you have assembled your pieces and set them up. Then you can sing one of four carols - the lyrics are included.

Older children can go on to do one (or all!) of the crafts listed in the book, such as making a Christmas star or advent calendar.

And I was delighted to discover that all the pieces fit back inside the book, so when the season is over, I can put them back in and save it for next year! With a little care, this book should last for several years.

Overall, this little board book is just a gem for children. It is probably best suited for kids 3 to 7 years old, though you can enjoy it with your 2-year-old, as I did, and some older kids might enjoy the activities, too.

You still have time to get this book before Christmas if you use Amazon's Prime 2-day shipping.


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