Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Heritage Journals

Do you know what is a great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? By having your kids fill out their own heritage journal!

My Heritage Journal Series includes five different Hispanic cultures:

  1. Mexican
  2. Puerto Rican
  3. Spanish
  4. Cuban
  5. Guatemalan
And because we are so often a mix of cultures, My Multicultural Heritage Journal is always a winner. 

Each book contains a page at the front where your kids can record their name and write down the year in which they start the journal.

image from the My Mexican Heritage Journal

The next two pages include a map of the country so that your child can color in where in that country their family has lived, as well as space for writing down any explanations or explaining in greater detail the who, where, when, why, or even how their family lived in that country. NOTE: The Multicultural Heritage Journal has a world map so that kids can color in the countries in which their family/ancestors have lived.

The next page contains writing prompts where your child can record his or her own story and history. And there is space for drawing your family's crest coat of arms, if you know what it is. FYI, there are lots of online sites that can show your family's coat of arms. Just make sure that you monitor your child's time online and don't let them use a site that asks for all sorts of personal information. They only have to enter their last name. Or you can Google your last name and add "Coat of Arms" at the end.

Or, if you prefer, you can have your child design and draw your family's coat of arms! (Fun, no?) This might be preferable for families with mixed ancestry. Kids can look up different coats of arms from their family heritage and then choose elements to create their own.

And of course, no heritage journal is complete without a place to draw your family tree! Right after you do so, you can even draw or post snapshots of the family members listed in the family tree with space for captions.

image from the My Puerto Rican Heritage Journal

image from My Cuban Heritage Journal

image from My Multicultural Heritage Journal

Then the main part of the journal is filled with journaling pages. Kids can write their family stories here. And because I wanted to be sure and emphasize the heritage aspect, there are 17 journaling pages with small cultural images and fun facts about the country scattered throughout the book. (The Multicultural Heritage Journal just has images of items and places found in countries across the world.)

image from the My Spanish Heritage Journal

There are even a few pages for recording family interviews. Sketch pages and more photo pages are also scattered throughout the journal. Don't be afraid to really think outside the box. Scrapbook these pages! Add text and dimension to your journal. :)

image from My Spanish Heritage Journal

And it all ends with a section in the very back for writing down favorite family recipes.

Don't these sound like the perfect way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

You can find all of them available on Amazon!

Oh, and they are also available as downloads in my TpT shop. Just print the pages you want to use and go!


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