Monday, June 24, 2019

13 Free English & Multilingual Online Books for Children

It pains me deeply to read that parents are choosing to keep their children home out of fear resulting from the president's threat of mass raids. But I totally get it because I would, too. This means no summer camps or trips to the library. No bookstores for storytime.

Or maybe you are a family on a budget and summer camps aren't on your list for this year so you are looking for free resources online to keep your kids busy an entertaining fashion, of course.

Or maybe you are just looking for ways to supplement your child's activities over the course of the summer.

If any of these sound like you, there are still ways to help maintain and even continue to develop your child's literacy skills at home during the summer.

I started looking for free online children's literature that you can access from home and was pretty excited about all of the ones that are available. Here's what I found:

  1. International Children’s Digital Library - Available in 5 languages! Read my review here.
  2. Read Conmigo - English and Spanish
  3. Unite for Literacy - 2 written languages (English and Spanish), PLUS 43 languages for narrated stories!! WOW!
  4. Magic Keys - English only. Pretty simple
  5. Free Children Stories - English only
  6. The Library of Congress - English only
  7. Magic Blox - Books in 6 languages!
  8. Oxford Owl - English only. Free ebooks for kids 3 - 11yo
  9. Storyline Online  - Famous actors read aloud children's books. English only. Includes teacher's guides
  10. Open Library  - Mostly Classics
  11. Project Gutenberg - Also mostly Classics. Available in 4 languages, but not Spanish.:(
  12. Children's Books Forever - 12 different languages!!!
  13. Aaron Shepard's World of Stories - Folktales, fairytales, legends and more

Also, don't forget that I have printable FREE Summer Camp @ Home Calendars for children ages 6 to 10ish! You'll find book recommendations and more.


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