Thursday, February 18, 2016

NASA Offers Free Comic that Teaches the Water Cycle

One of the science concepts that all children are expected to learn in school is the water cycle. And now there is a new FREE resource to help your child learn about it. NASA's education site has taken the love of comics that most children have and created new education materials.

I have one child who loves comic books. I closely monitor which ones he reads (since some can be pretty racey), but love when I find educational ones that help him learn specific concepts.

Raindrop Tales is available for free online. It is the result of a NASA online challenge:
In the Spring of 2013 the GPM education and outreach team launched the "GPM Anime Challenge" - an invitation for artists of all ages from around the world to develop an anime character to help demonstrate GPM educational science themes of the water cycle, weather and climate, and technology. Anime, short for animation, is a Japanese style of art that has filled shows and comics that are popular around the world. After receiving over 40 submissions, a panel of NASA scientists and outreach specialists selected two grand prize winners and two runners-up from three different age categories.
Anyway, this is a fun learning tool if you have a little comic lover.


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