Friday, January 1, 2016

Printable Bilingual 2016 Resolution Worksheet for Kids

Happy 2016!!

This morning, my kids spent time working on their 2016 Resolution Worksheet. You may remember I shared one with you last year, to help you guide your children as they thought about the previous year and how they'd like this next one to go.

I decided to update it for this year and share it with you again. I love it when my kids set goals and try to work toward them. I don't think I really like the word "resolutions" since too often it brings to mind things people promise to do but don't. However, I really enjoy this chart which helps children think about their lives and their own education or enlightenment. :)

So if you'd like to use this printable with your own children, you can download it free below. The file contains both and English and Spanish worksheet.

Happy New Year! 


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