Friday, November 27, 2015

Moff Band + PBS KIDS Party

Is your kid in love with tech, but you are worried about too much screen time and not enough physical activity? Betty is back this week with a review!

Santi was thrilled to test and review the super cool Moff Band and PBS KIDS Party app. I knew that the two innovative, educational and smart products for kids would make the perfect match. So perfect that Santi, who will be 5 this weekend, knew it was special…he even said it was the perfect holiday gift!

The Moff Band is a smart wearable toy that empowers children to get up, use their imagination and take action. Let’s face it; kids will take any and every opportunity to use their electronic devices. Although so many digital toys are super educational today, as a parent I worry about how much they are deeply concentrating and focusing on small and large screens. After 20 minutes on their tablets or my smart phone, they are out of sorts! The Moff Band allows kids to step away from the device and dance, practice their favorite sport or pretend to be a ninja without staring at any screen. Santi’s imagination went wild and after a few minutes, completely walked away from the screen and continued his imaginative play.

Over 30 realistic sound effects are included in the free Moff app. Sounds include air drums, guitar, ninja swords, baseball, cooking and magic wands. What’s even better is that Moff has partnered with PBS KIDS and Santi has the choice to go over to PBS KIDS Party app and play with the Moff band there too! Dance, Sounds, PiƱata, and Numbers are the current four games and lots of fun. Interactive and educational? This mom says, “Yes, please!”

Designed for 5 to 8-year-olds, PBS KIDS Party and Moff Band has been played and enjoyed by Santi’s younger and older brothers. Check out the video to see Santi in action.


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