Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Free Spanish Game to Build Letter Naming Fluency

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April's freebie from our sponsor, Lectura para niños is "Fluidez de letras," a simple game to strengthen your child's letter naming fluency in Spanish.

Leah says that in kindergarten, there is a fluency benchmark that the students must meet for the IDEL - Dibels assessment. To help her students develop this skill, Lectura para niños has created an easy game for kids.

Letter recognition is a critical pre-literacy skill that all children need in order to begin reading. Unfortunately, many Latino children begin kindergaren without this skill, causing them to fall behind their peers. Learning to recognize letters is a skill that should begin (and mastered) in preschool. If your child is not enrolled in a preschool program, that's okay, so long as you are actively working with them at home. Resources like this game from Lectura para niños are invaluable tools for professional educators and parents.

There is a wonderful little series of abecedarios, or alphabet books in Spanish (aff link) by Lectorum that I recently discovered. I think it would be a great little supplement for this activity. The ones shown above are just an example of some of the titles included in the series.

But you can also check out Mi abecedario by Maria Parrish, and ¡Marimba! Animales from A to Z by Pat Mora.

For more awesome Spanish materials, especially those that teach children to read in Spanish, check out Lectura para niños on Facebook, Teachers Pay Teachers, Blog, and Pinterest.


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