Monday, February 16, 2015

App Review: Ortografía Paso a Paso

You might remember my sharing this app for teaching children to read in Spanish using phonics-based games. Lee Paso a Paso has proven to be a favorite among both parents and teachers. So I was delighted when one of the app's developers contacted me to share some new ones that they've developed. I think you'll find this new one just as valuable and effective.

Name: Ortografía Paso a Paso
Subject(s): Spanish grammar
Brief Description: An app that teaches the basic rules for accentuation of the Spanish language through interactive games.
Price: $3.99 (50% discount for schools)
Language:  Spanish
Ages: 6 years old and older
Device: iOS

What I like:
I especially love that this app focuses on accentuation, an aspect of Spanish spelling that I think many students and heritage speakers find confusing or difficult. In fact, it is designed so that students learn and practice the following concepts:

· Identifying the sílaba tónica
· Words classified as Agudas
· Words classified as Graves or Llanas
· Words classified as Esdrújulas
· Words classified as Sobreesdrújulas
· Accentuation of Agudas, Graves, Esdrújulas and Sobreesdrújulas words.
· Diptongos
· Hiatos

There are approximately eight games that are simple and fun, not overwhelming with repetition. The begin with a description of the rule or definition of the concept. I like that the audio is of a child reading the definition and the text appears on the screen with important words highlighted in larger, colored font. But you can definitely turn off the music, word sounds, and the narrator with just a swipe of the button.

You can also control the word pronunciation by selecting the Mexican or Spanish option.

But do you know what I liked best? It was that this app is helpful for anyone learning to read or write in Spanish. The reason I don't write in Spanish is because I was never taught how. I don't know all the rules, my conjugation can be embarrassing, and accents? Oy! I really loved that I learned something myself playing this app. 

There is also a Lite version that is available for free.

Note: This app is only in Spanish.


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