Monday, November 10, 2014

Brainzy for Early Elementary {GIVEAWAY}

I would bet that as involved parents and educators, many of you already know about The site features supplemental games, worksheets, coloring pages, and more. But did you know that they recently launched Brainzy? It's an online learning program for early elementary children (kids in Pre-K through 1st grade) that boosts their math a literacy skills.

I received access to the site for the purposes of this review. What I found was a fun and engaging site for both parents and children. First off, I love the fact that parents can track the progress of their child(ren) with an easy to read dashboard. Once you get on the site, you just add children then set them up and let them learn. 

Adding a child is easy. I recommend doing it with your child so that they can choose from a list of characters to be their screen buddy.  

Once logged in, your child is presented with this home page that allows him or her (or you!) to choose the subject - Reading or Math - and the grade level/complexity. 

From there your child will find a whole bunch of interactive games that develop more than 30 critical math and literacy skills. The games are super fun and engaging and SHORT! They're perfect for short attention spans and little learners. I thought the games were colorful, simple, and educational. For example, in one game that teaches value placement, your child is given and number and is then required to select the correct number of chocolate pieces (in bars of tens and ones) and place them in the oven. When they get it right, the oven closes and bakes different types of desserts. :) Other games include snapping pictures of the pictures that begin with specific sounds (shown below), or feeding the fat cat more cat food by correctly entering the beginning sound you hear.

We also loved the music/songs, which were upbeat and amusing.

This new site is a delightful treasure for parents and children. I would recommend allowing your early elementary child to play these games three times a week to boost the skills they are learning in school.

The Giveaway

Brainzy has MOST graciously offered to give 10 (TEN!) MommyMaestra readers a FREE 1-year subscription!

To enter, all you have to do is use the Rafflecopter below.

Good luck!

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