Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Free Download: Student Desk Plates in English & Spanish

September's free download from our sponsor, Lectura para niños is a set of student desk plates. Leah has made them available in English and Spanish. Aren't they super cute?!? I'm cranking up my laminator in the morning to get mine ready for my kids. Remember, your children don't have to be in a traditional school to use these desk plates. They are great for homeschoolers and families, too. And they can be used in other ways, too. If you are looking for more great resources like this one, be sure to click the link above to visit Lectura para niños' TpT shop.

What are desk plates?

Desk plates are visual references that students can use to help them remember important concepts. Most often, classrooms use desk "name" plates for students in elementary school. When a student goes to their desk day after day, they see their name and learn what it looks like and how it is spelled.

But desk plates can also be used to teach other information, such as numbers, colors, shapes, the alphabet, days of the week, months, the five senses, etc. There's no limit to what you can make a desk plate about. 

How to use desk plates for students

You can purchase desk plates or print your own. Laminated plates work best as they are sturdier and can survive the wear and tear of desk use. Most teachers use clear tape to attach desk plates to their students' desks. This way, children can easily look at it when they are working on activities that are related to the subject matter on the plate.

Other desk plate uses

Desk plates can be used in SO many other ways! If you don't have an official desk, or don't want to use your desk for it, consider these other options:
  • bulletin board posters,
  • basket labels,
  • add a magnet and hang on whiteboard,
  • refrigerator signs,
  • binder covers,
  • classroom poster,
  • or turn them into name plate tents

Free bilingual desk plate download 

Leah says:

I love these desk plates! I have them on all of my tables! I also have laminated inside my homework folders of for all of my students. The students use them for reference when doing their homework.

For more awesome Spanish materials, especially those that teach children to read in Spanish, check out Lectura para niños on Facebook, and Pinterest.

And don't forget that you can find more of Lectura para niños posts and downloads here on MommyMaestra.

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