Thursday, March 6, 2014

8 Math Apps for Elementary-Aged Kids

Monica and I have had math on our minds lately. If you saw yesterday's post, Mommy Maestra will be reviewing a new online math program for all of us soon. In the meantime, my 7 year-old's teacher knows that it doesn't hurt to always practice math at home. One of her suggestions was that I research math apps for Diego so he can continue to think quick and, of course, to have fun on the iPhone or iPad! 

I did my research and narrowed it down to these new favorites (one was very familiar). They are all recommended for the ages of 4-9. That's a huge math gap! Remember that every child is different and many of these apps work at different "levels" so try it out with your child first. Diego and I both tested these 8 and we agreed to keep these specific ones in our gadgets!

Math Blaster : Hyper Blast Free  Of all the apps listed below, I guarantee that even the lite version will be a favorite. Just like a video game, Math Blaster is action packed but stops to quiz your child's math skills in order to move to the next level.

Math Workout Free The concept of math workout is simply that--to keep your child's mind working. They insist you work your brain out once a day! There are six different levels to choose from and great for adults, as well. Kids have fun and are motivated when they see the adults working out too!

Math Fact Master $0.99 Loved by parents and teachers, this app allows kids to work on a certain numbers sets and operations just like flashcards do. The "challenge" mode is really a test and what makes this app worth the fee. Users have to type in the answer; it is graded and progress is tracked! 

Freefall Money $1.99 This award winning app is fresh, modern and fun while kids practice their  money counting skills. The sound effects are awesome! We also loved how we could drag coins around to count them as we would on a counter top! Very realistic.

Digitz $0.99 This app reminded me of Tetris. Numbers in blocks drop down and the player has to tap on tiles to create number combinations that add up to the target number. There are different tiers and game levels which means an older child can play too. See who can get the highest score!

AB Math Free I love this app because it simply times your child's math skills. Kids should always practice to add, subtract, multiply and divide in their heads quickly, but who wants to always do it on paper? Diego approves too! 

Sums Stacker $1.99 From the makers of Math Doodles, Sums Stacker is just as popular. Basic adding and subtracting is the target, but this puzzle allows players to use 25 different representations of numbers (Spanish is one of them!) while creating strategies and problem solving. Everyone who uses Sums Stacker loves it!

Bedtime Math Free We have been using Bedtime Math for over a year. A huge believer of reading math and problem solving, Bedtime Math is perfect for little growing brains. There is a daily math problem and three questions representing three levels. Your kids will love to include this app in their nighttime routine. 



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