Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Survey from PBS KIDS Reveals Tablets #1 Tech Device for Holiday Gift Giving

A new survey data from PBS KIDS was released yesterday. Not surprisingly, a little over half the parents surveyed plan to purchase/give a tech item to their child this holiday season. What surprised me, I think, is that tablets actually edged-out video games and handheld game systems!

And what pleased me the most was to see that educational content was in the list of top three things parents look for in an app. Phew! As a mom who refuses to download Angry Birds Star Wars for her children to play despite their begging (don't worry, they get to play it every now and then on a friend's iPad), it relieves me to know that parents realize that just because it is educational doesn't mean it isn't fun. I only have educational apps on my tablet. And they are still fun. We enjoy Wild Kratts, Ranger Rick, and many other apps that entertain while teaching or reinforcing key concepts and skills.

Read more about the survey and see if you can relate to any of the findings in this great little infographic below! 


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