Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Letter M Counting Book in Spanish {PRINTABLE}

Today's Back-to-School Fiesta! resource is for EVERYBODY, and it is from our newest sponsor. Lectura para niños is a Spanish reading program complete with phonics centers and workbooks for children in preschool through 2nd grade who are learning to read in Spanish. You can read more about them in this interview and watch a video that I shared 2 years ago here.

This is their first Letter of the Week Counting Book for students to learn picture vocabulary. There are many other counting books that teachers and parents can purchase for just $1.00 each on their TPT store. These are new and have just recently been added to the site.

I love that the counting book is so interactive. Not only does your child learn numbers, but there is also a space at the bottom of each page where your child can practive their writing skills. And of course, each page comes with fun illustrations for your child to color. Math and reading and writing all in one librito!

They just launched their Facebook page last week, so let's show them some love! You can learn more about some of the amazing materials they offer.

I'm especially happy that today's resource isn't a giveaway and can be downloaded by anyone and everyone!

And feel free to leave a comment thanking Lectura para niños below...



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