Thursday, July 25, 2013

Experience Colors Without Using Sight On L4LL

How do you describe colors to a person who cannot see? I absolutely love the idea of the book, The Black Book of Colors, which does exactly that and introduces children to the concept of blindness. I love that this book helps children understand and experience if only briefly what it is like to live without the sense of sight and how to use other senses to describe things. If we are to raise global children, we must not only expose our children to different cultures, but to different lifestyles and abilities within our own.

So I'm excited to share that Latinas for Latino Lit has partnered with Zoobean to giveaway not just one, but THREE copies of The Black Book of Colors! This is a weekend giveaway that ends Monday night, so head over there right away and enter to win your own copy!

The book was also originally written in Spanish by the Venezuelan author, Rosana Faria, and if you go over to the L4LL website, you'll find some free downloadable reading guides to accompany the book in both English AND Spanish.

This is an awesome opportunity, Amigas! Enjoy!


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