Monday, January 7, 2013

Tech Tuesday: Faces iMake App

Since there are so many educational apps flooding the market, I'll be sharing more of them on a regular basis. All of these make great Apps for Gifts, so consider these when you are celebrating birthdays, end of the school year, beginning of the school year, holidays, and so on. Enjoy!

Name: Faces iMake
Subject(s): art, creativity
Brief Description: Create your own faces using every-day items.
Price: $.99 to $1.99
Ages: 4 and up

What my kids like:

There is so much about this app that my kids like. They love the music that plays while they are creating their "masterpieces." They love the simple act of creating faces out of food, toys, tools, candy, musical name it. They love the total control they have over each item, including where to place it, what size to make it, and their ability to rotate it into the position they want.

My kids have spent hours (not all at once) creating faces that look like 'Buelita, Grandpa, Mami, and Dad. I think this is what amused me the most. They aren't just creating funny faces, they're actually creating faces of their family using school supplies, buttons, and different shapes.

In addition, this awesome app even gives them the option of using their own objects from pictures they take using the iPad.

What I like:

I love the fact that this app promotes creative play and develops their imagination and their ability to look at things in different ways. This app even inspires kids to build faces/people/animals/whatever at home using household items.

The app also comes with five lessons (YouTube videos) featuring artist and children's educator, Hanoch Piven, who helped to develop the app with the intent of making a creative workshop for kids.

Kids can look through the Gallery for inspiration, and add their own images, or share them via Facebook or email.

This app is not really language based, so all children - no matter what language they speak - can easily use and master this visual app... and enjoy it!


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