Monday, December 17, 2012

Las Posadas Craft: Piñata Ornaments

Las Posadas is coming up! So we decided to create some crafts that would remind us of this nine-day tradition. We started by making these ornaments that you can fill with candies or other small goodies. Inspired by elements most closely associated with Las Posadas, we went shopping at our local craft stores. Then came home and tinkered with prototypes until we settled on a good pattern. I hope you enjoy this Las Posadas craft of piñata ornaments!

Las Posadas Inspired Piñata Ornaments


Here's what you'll need to make your own piñata ornaments:

- Different colored cardstock
- 3 different colored ribbon
- Piñata cone pattern
- Scissors
- Tape
- Ruler
- Toothpick (or small crochet hook)
- Round DIY ornaments (the best ones are round, but flattened, not the globe-shaped ones)


First, wash your ornaments out with warm, soapy water and let them dry.

Next, print out your ornament cones on the different colored cardstock using our template, and cut them out along the OUTER lines. Be sure to leave the inner solid line uncut as shown below.

Then take your ruler and lay it over the tab portion of your template lining it up with the solid line...

...and then fold up the larger portion.

Once you've made this initial straight-line fold, it will be easier for you to simply fold this tab down against the larger portion of the template.

Next, curl and tape the template into a cone shape, making sure to keep the tab tucked on the inside. Do not put tape over the pointy end. Don't worry about making it perfect! Younger children may need help with this part.

Next, have your child measure and cut the ribbon into 6 inch lengths. (Por favor, ignore the stain on my son's sleeve. I always make them wear old clothes when we do crafts!)

Now knot the ribbon in the middle to hold them all together. You will need 3 of these tassels per ornament.

Now carefully fold the ribbon at the knot and tuck the knot into the gap at the pointy end of the cone. We used a small crochet hook to push the knot into the gap, but you can use anything like a pencil point or toothpick. The tab should help hold the knot in place and keep it from falling out. Do this with THREE (3) of the cones for a 4-pointed piñata, or 4 of the cones for a 5-pointed one.

Now fill your ornament with jelly beans or M & Ms or other colorful items.

Now cut one length of ribbon long enough to make a big loop that will go through the hoop at the top of your ornament, and stick out the end of your FOURTH (4th) cone. (This length will vary depending on the type of ornament you use.) Then go ahead and tie the ribbon through the hoop. Now you can thread the loop through the large open end of your hoop and out the gap at the small pointy end. I used a small crochet hook to push it through, but you can use a pipe cleaner to pull it through.

Now lay your ornament on the table and arrange the cones around it to determine if you'd like to have a 4-point piñata or a 5-point one. If you are using a flattened ornament like we did, it helps to squeeze the cone un poquito to make them cup the plastic and touch all the way around.

Once you are happy with your arrangement, simply tape the cones in place on both the front and back! If you use clear tape, it will disappear nicely. Be sure you DON'T tape the top cone! It will rest in place, but will easily slide up the loop to allow the owner easy access to the goodies inside!

Now just hang them on your tree or use them as decoration around your house during the holidays as a joyful reminder of Las Posadas! They also make wonderful handmade gifts...

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