Thursday, September 13, 2012

MamaYala World Cultures Project


A week or two ago, I was contacted by Sara Ponce who shared her beautiful project with me. Sara is trying to find funding for her education materials, the first series being focused on Latin America and Spain. I simply love not only the idea, but her illustrations, too. Since I have not seen the cards myself (yet!), I asked Sara to share a bit about her project.

And she shared her video, which tells her story best...

Sara also says-

MamaYala™ World Cultures presents the cultures of the world project. Our beautiful and colorful card sets include illustrations of artifacts, foods, flora, fauna, and instruments. The first card series is based on the Latin American and Spanish cultures.

MamaYala™ World Cultures le presenta las culturas del mundo. Nuestra bella y colorida colección de tarjetas contiene ilustraciones originales de artefactos, comidas, flora, fauna e instrumentos musicales. La primera serie está basada en la cultura española y latino americana.

I'm excited to support Sara in her venture. I love the whole idea and the creativity she possesses. Just take a look at these beautifully illustrated cards!

I hope that you will join me in helping Sara make her dream a reality (and pick up some beautiful cards at the same time!) visit her kickstarter campaign page,

You can also find her on Facebook ( where she shares updates about her project.

Un abrazo!



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