Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Little Spanishers Writing Activity

There is a new bilingual learning blog on the web. Little Spanishers was created by Silvina, a Latina mom who is also a writer and teacher. Most recently she has started the clever challenge of children stories without an ending. If you visit her site, you'll find a story that your child can read in English or Spanish (or you can read to him/her). But it is up to your child to finish the story in whichever language they prefer.

Four (4) weeks after each story is published, Silvina selects the most original ending. The winner will receive a book either in Spanish or in a bilingual format.

The stories are so cute! So you shouldn't have any trouble engaging your child. And I love that they have to come up with an ending because it challenges them to think carefully about the story and they must use their imaginations to complete it. It's also a great way to provide writing practice during the summer!

Silvina already has three stories up. SO head on over there and take a look!

Con mucho cariño...


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