Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspirational Video: 9-Year-Old Kid Creates His Own Arcade

I watched this video yesterday and was so moved. This kid is so inspirational. His name is Caine Monroy. He's a nine year old with a monster imagination, loads of determination, and an optimistic attitude that I admire. He is an engineer and an entrepreneur in the making.

You will have to watch the video yourself to learn his story, which Nirvan Mullick presents much more beautifully than I ever could. But while you watch, I want you to think about Caine's dad, George, and what it takes to let your kid explore, experiment, and dream.

I also want to applaud Nirvan Mullick for having the heart to recognize all the hard work Caine put into his arcade. For caring enough to share his story...and make him feel valued.

Mullick's video went live two days ago. Since then it has received over 1 million views and has exceeded their goal to rasie $25,000 to help him go to college. In fact, they have raised over $73,000 for Caine's scholarship fund through his impromptu website,

But I think Caine has given us all far more than we could ever give him.

I shared this with my children as encouragement to follow their dreams. Sometimes things don't work out like you plan. Sometimes no one appreciates your hard work. Sometimes you have to wait. But with persistence and hard work and a happy heart, someone will eventually notice.

Thanks, Caine.

Visit Caine's website at
Facebook page:


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