Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Build Your Own Gingerbread House with RMHC

The Ronald McDonald House Charities is one of my favorite organizations because they provide so much support for families who are experiencing difficult times. They are focused on providing for the critical needs of children. And over 50% of children seen by doctors and dentists on Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles are Hispanics. During this Season of Giving, they have the huge task of raising $550,000 by December 31.

Since we are talking this week about raising thoughtful and philanthropic children, I am excited to share the fun, simple and interactive way in which parents can educate their children on the
importance of “giving.” Families can go to their Season of Giving page 
and, for a small or
big donation, they can decorate their own virtual gingerbread houses.

The more houses you build, the more families they can host at their Ronald McDonald Houses. The donation to RMHC will help keep families together while their child is receiving critical medical care, especially during the holidays.

What a great way to teach your children about others in need! I think this is a great way to foster compassion in our children, and help them to associate good feelings with the act of giving.

Feel free to like RMHC on Facebook, and I encourage you to share their gingerbread house interactive with other families.

Con mucho cariño...

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. I strongly support this worthy charity.


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